In the 2016 Mid-Term Election Real Women Radio launch the #BeTheChangeVote campaign with 3 goals in mind
1. Increase African American participation in Mid-Term Elections
2. Educate the public on the voting process
3. Educate the public on the candidates in a non-partisan manner.

Through our Non-Profit Real Women Radio Foundation we partnered with Civic Nation for the #VoteTogether to do 27 parties across Escambia, Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties to encourage civic engagement and voter participation during Florida’s early election period and on election day.




On October 22, 2018 -November 6, 2018 Real Women Radio Foundation a 501 (c) 3 had 27 #VoteTogether Parties across North West Florida in Santa Rosa, Escambia,and Okaloosa County.

#VoteTogether is a national campaign to increase voter participation by making voting fun and  celebratory. At thousands of nonpartisan events hosted at and near polling places across the country, #VoteTogether partners will bring together families, friends and neighbors in a celebration of civic engagement and the act of voting. The#VoteTogether events—included block parties, BBQs, and parades—and took place during the 2018 Mid-Term early voting and on Election Day . The program launched its partnership with 150 state and local organizations, several corporate partners, and had over 500 confirmed events.

We did not support any candidate or party! All #VoteTogether events were completely nonpartisan. We’re was excited to host these events because they were about including everyone and celebrating Election Day, our rights, and our nation.  

A national initiative to bring together families, friends and neighbors in celebration of civic engagement and the act of voting. The initiative aims to create 2000 voting celebrations across the county. Learn more at https://votetogetherusa.org